This will be the first trip to Moab I've offered. I spent 2 days there
last year and it convinced me this could be one of the coolest
riding areas I offer. What will make this trip possible is you! I'm
going to make this as simple and affordable as possible. How, I get
your bike and gear there, you do the rest. You arrange arrival to
Moab and I will have your bike & gear there for you to pick up. If
you want to base out of Moab you make your own arrangements
for hotel. If you want to camp and explore, as a few have shown
interest in, thats fine too. You just want to do asphalt, go for it! I will
be camped close to town to offer support but I plan on riding too.
Dates will be mid October. Suggested fly to destinations are
Denver, Grand Junction, Moab or Salt Lake City. Moab is not an
easy place to get to but teaming up with a few others and renting a
car could make this easier and affordable. Since you are doing
much of the work, I will offer this at a 1 time $700 fee. You get your
bike & gear to me, get yourself there and I'll be there waiting for
you. I need commitment and I need it soon. I need at least
12 at
this price to make it happen. Get after your buddies, club members
or family and lets go. Moab gives you the unique opportunity to
study with the use of YouTube. Virtually every trail is available
there for review. I would like a verbal commitment by June 1st and
payment by Sept 1 so I can make my arrangements and you have
a month to take advantage of any flight deals. If we do not have 12
by Sept 1, all money we be returned in full.
flights until notified the trip is on. If we reach the 12 minimum and
you back out after the 15th your payment will not be returned. This
can be done! The information is out there and easily accessible.
E-Mail me today at Chuck@TrailRideWith.Us or call me at
You cannot sign-up to soon