:: Here is the Deal ::
:: Daytona 2010::
Wouldn't it be great to spend the whole week in Florida
without the ride down or worse yet the ride home!
Weather can often be a problem on the return trip!
So here is what I can do for you!
  • This is a "Hauling Only" trip. All flights and hotel
    arrangements are your responsibility.
  • The cost is $650 and includes your bike delivered to an
    easily accessible location in Daytona Beach, one
    reasonably sized piece of luggage, and of course return
    delivery home. Trikes and Dirt bikes will be priced
  • Payment required by February 15th.
  • Your bike needs to be dropped off at Ephrata Cycle &
    Sports by February 28th and will be back by March 17th.
  • I have room for 8 to 10 bikes depending if full dress or
    not. Don't wait! Sign-Up starts NOW! We need at least 6
    to make it happen! Do not making any Flight or Hotel
    arrangements until trip is confirmed.
:: The Fine Print ::
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