:: Day in the Dirt ::
:: Here is what we provide for Day in the Dirt ::
  • Transportation of your bike, gear bag, suit case, and one
    reasonable sized box of spare parts and supplies to and
    from California.
  • My rig is your pit. Snacks, drink, tools and mechanical
    assistance supplied as needed.
  • All other arrangements, hotel etc., are your responsibility.
    Most make a family vacation of it. We will help with Race
    Registration and any other needs you may have. We've
    done this race 9 years. Remember, this is an invitational
    event. It's that special!
  • There are no fences separating us from the likes of Ricky
    Johnson, Jeremy McGrath, Jeff ward, as well as current
    top riders, only a few steps from our rig, your pit.
  • *BONUS* 2 other track days the following week!
  • This is a "RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK" event
  • A $100 deposit now will lock you in at $750 if paid by
    October 1st, or $850 after. Payments will be returned after
    October 15th if minimum riders are not reached.
  • Check or Cash accepted. You can make payments over
    time beginning now if you care to.
  • This trip will happen!
  • Your bike and gear need to be dropped off one week
    before. I will not return until mid December, just so you
:: The Fine Print ::
:: Bike Requirements ::

  • A properly prepped MX bike is fine. Pack some extra jets
    just in case.        
  • Pack some basic spare parts. If it's a Honda, I'll have some
    parts along. If it's not, pack them in.
  • A fuel can and any lubes or oils that you'll need.

  • Most races are very long, 1 and 2 hours. Some of these
    are even back to back. Be in shape and you may want to
    bring a Camel Back. Blisters are common, expect them. It's
    up to you to arrange hotel & transportation. As far as we
    know at this time, it will once again be at Glen Helen
    Raceway, San Bernardino. California.
:: Rider Requirements ::
Glen Helen
Thanksgiving 2018
Sign-Up Starts April 1
2018 - A Day in the Dirt

April 1st
Spots are limited