The Rockies with a TWIST
This year I'm offering a HAUL ONLY
to Denver Colorado. For only $850
I'll have your bike and gear waiting
for you at a pre-determined hotel
near the Denver Airport. You pick up
your bike and gear and do your own
thing! This trip is aimed toward
dual-sport or mid sized bikes. Once
there, these bikes are ideal for the
Rocky Mountains tight twisty roads
or the many dirt roads that riddle
this part of the country. Motel or
camp, team up with a buddy and
explore the beauty this part of the
country offers. Arrive on a Friday
and ride thru the week until the
following weekend. Drop your bike
and gear back at the hotel, jump on
a plane home and a few days later
I'll have your bike back. Tentative
dates are July 7 - 16. Again, this is
not guided.
You plan your own
week! I need a minimum of 10 bikes
for this trip to happen. A deposit of
$200 required by May 20th. If we do
not reach the 10, your deposit will
be returned in full. E-mail me if you
are interested so I can build a list to
determine if there are enough to
make this happen......
Do NOT book flights until notified this trip is on!
Do NOT book flights until notified this trip is on!
New Lower Price
Must Have At Least 10 to make this happen
It's a
Had several interested, when it came
to commitment, not enough did. It's a
shame, don't know that I'll ever offer
this deal again......