:: Here's what we supply ::
:: Arizona January of 2017::
  • Off Road / Dual Sport
  • Transportation of your bike, gear bag, suit case, and one
    reasonable sized box of spares and supplies
  • Transportation to and from the Phoenix airport.
  • Motel for 7 nights with double occupancy. You can upgrade
    to a single if you like.
  • Tools and any mechanical assistance I can offer.
  • Maps and GPS coordinates where available
  • Memories for a life time!
I am offering two seperate rides again this year.
Week 1 January 14-21: Our usual fantastic off-road adventure
out of Boulder OHV Park. Endless trails for all skill levels. Only
12 spots available so sign up early!

Week 2 January 21-28: Dual Sport rides out of Wickenburg.
We will be able to ride right out of the hotel with yet again
endless riding available to us. This would require a bike with a
licence that would pass the scrutiny of local police. I will offer this
to 8 bikes, 650cc or less. My hauling limit, as just proven in the
past, is 20 bikes.
  • These are "RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK" event
  • A $100 deposit is required by June 1st. Cash or Check.
    Payment in full by October 1st. You can make payments
    over time beginning now if you care to.
  • This trip usually fills quickly. Spots are limited.
  • Bring your wife for an additional $320 per week. This
    handles the single room rate charge.
  • Your bike and gear need to be dropped off by
     December 24th.
  • Flight and food are your only additional expense.
  • Price for Week 1 .. $1675
  • Price for Week 2 .. $1450
  • Both Weeks        .. $ 2650
:: Here's what you do ::
:: Bike Requirements ::
This trip is open to well maintained Dirt bikes & Dual Sport
  • Bark Busters and skid plate are highly recommended
  • You'll want a kickstand. No trees there.
  • Mechanically sound to do up to 100 miles a day
  • Trail side tools and spares
  • Fuel Tank capable of 70 plus miles if you do the all day
    rides. An off-road MX bike is fine but you will be limited.
  • Stock jetting is fine
  • Bikes for the Dual Sport need to at least appear legal and
    most of all quiet. You are at your own risk here with legality.

  • Reasonably fit to handle 70 miles or more a day
  • Riding gear for typically 70 degree days and lots of sun and
    enough for a week. I always recommend Rain-Gear.
  • A large hydration system
  • First Aid kit / tow rope / compass. A GPS would be very
    handy for this trip.
  • Spare unique parts for your bike, I carry the basics
  • This ride requires liking ROCKS, SAND and CACTUS!
  • The DualSport will be some road, dirt road and quad type
:: Rider Requirements ::

Arizona  January
Do not book
airfare until you
have signed up
and we will
co-ordinate the
flight arrival times.
This is important!