Arizona 2020

Release form
I understand that I am participating on this ride of my own free will
and hold myself fully responsible for any injury and or damage I may
suffer. No one else, either participants or persons involved with the
organization of this ride, will be responsible for my actions. I have
made every attempt to prepare myself and my equipment for this ride
and understand that no one is more responsible for my safety and
mechanical readiness than me.

Additional info will follow in plenty of time to make your flight
arrangements along with more detailed info. DO NOT make any flight
arrangements until additional info is supplied.

Your Room Choice

____ Double (included in price)

____ Single ( Additional $350 per week)

                Week 1        Off Road Trip  $1775
                Week 2  Dual Sport Trip      $1450
                              Both                      $2950
         $100 Deposit Due Sept 1st - Balance Oct 1st

Check or Cash preferred

Make Checks Payable to Yvonne Aughinbaugh

Mail to
ECS Honda, 878 E Main St, Ephrata Pa 17522 or 717-738-1184