Join us for a week or two, of fabulous riding,
scenery, food, and friendship. This trip has
already evolved into more than we ever expected.
We have had several couples go which offers
some new opportunities. Shopping trips,
horseback riding, sightseeing, poolside relaxing
now join the activities for the women, and
guys. Due to the interest in couples, we will
gladly arrange a private room for you. It's a
great vacation with or without a bike!
As far as the riding goes it varies from wide
dirt roads, challenging ATV trails to
challenging single track. It has something for
everybody and endless miles of it!
We Provide:
  • Ground Transportation to and from Airport
  • Transportation of your bike, gear, and 1 suitcase
  • Daily Transportation to and from riding base camp
  • Snacks and Drinks at riding base camp
  • Tools and assistance available
  • Maps and GPS coordinates supplied
  • A "Night In The Desert" Barbecue & bonfire
  • Single Rooms available at an additional charge

Your Responsibility:
  • Delivery of your well prepped bike to our location
  • Purchase flights
  • Food and entertainment expense