Arizona is coming!
As the trip approaches these few things I think will be of help.

*Some common facts and info*
  • Day temp is typically mid 60's / low 70's and nights in the 40s
  • Rain is possible this time of year
  • Dust can be a problem when riding in a large group. Spreading out on the
    trail reduces this.
  • This area can contain snakes, cattle, donkeys, and plenty of cactus
  • The terrain is a wide mix of hard pack, sand, rocks and altitudes of       
4500ft max. I use factory jetting with no problems
  • Wickenburg has a nice selection of restaurants along with general stores
    and shops for any needs you may have within walking distance.
  • The women that are along might enjoy the pool, day trips, horseback  
    riding, or helping to support the riders at base camp

*Info on the bike transportation and equipment suggestions*
  • Your bike needs to be delivered no later than December 31st. Call first
  • 1 reasonable size suitcase, gear bag, and parts box for transport with me
  • No bike crates. I have a few along for maintenance
  • If you do not have a kick stand, bring a triangle stand
I highly recommend a kick stand....No trees!
  • Fresh tires & chain / sprockets are suggested due to mileage possibilities
  • Bark Busters & skid plate are HIGHLY recommended
  • A Topo GPS would be good but not absolutely necessary. Safety stuff like;
    first aid kit / tow rope / 21" tube / flashlight / trailside tool kit / spare critical
    parts / warm torso clothing / matches / cell phone / tire repair capability /
    camelback or back-pack.  Support the riders at base camp

First Week Off Road Riders

This year it will be a little different than past  years. You'll fly into
Phoenix on the 12th. Plan to arrive around noon on the 12th.I will
handle your ground transportation. Your departure should be noon
or later on the 19TH if not staying for week 2. The SuperCross
dates for this year have been changed making this unavailable for
me to offer this year. Barrett Jackson Auto Auction day trip will be
available this year
2nd Week Dual Sport Riders

This was allot of fun last year. Pick a direction, pick a destination
and just see where you end up! You will fly into Phoenix January
19th with arrival between 11am and 2pm. As close to noon is
preferable. At that time I will pick all riders up and head for your
motel in Wickenburg. We will be able to ride right out of the motel
whether we ride as 1 group or explore in small groups. Teaming up
with someone and doing your own thing is totally fine although I
strongly urge no one rides alone. Please be sure your bike is
reasonably quite and meeting basic street legal requirements.  All
levels of riding are available right out of town. I encourage you to
view Google Earth, YouTube and any other sources to create
destinations of interest. I have not preplanned your time here.
Exploration, relaxation are yours to choose. Ride as much or as
little as you want, it's your vacation! There is plenty of great food
variety and saloons. The motel has continental breakfast available
and there are several breakfast spots within a short walk.  
A common thing riders do is over pack. This goes for
riding gear & street wear as well. It has only rained on us
once in 10 years and that was for 1/2 hr.
Also, I am well equipped with tools, do not bring your
garage with you.